PyData Seattle 2023

Tracy Teal

Tracy Teal is the Open Source Program Director at Posit. Previously, she was a co-founder of Data Carpentry and the Executive Director of The Carpentries. She developed open source bioinformatics software as an assistant professor at Michigan State University and holds a PhD in computation and neural systems from California Institute of Technology. Tracy is involved in the open source software and reproducible research communities, including serving on advisory committees for NumFOCUS, pyOpenSci, EarthLab and carbonplan, and has been working with open source communities, developing curriculum, and teaching people how to work with data and code as a developer, instructor and project leader throughout her career.


It's not just code: managing an open source project
Tracy Teal

An open source project starts with ideas and code, but it continues with people. We know that most open source projects rely on just one or two people for most of the work. And code is just a small part of these roles, which also include project management, conflict resolution, decision making in uncertain situations, building an inclusive community, and lots and lots of communication. Whether you’re just starting a project, interested in getting involved in open source, or already have a community of thousands, there are some tips, tricks and templates that you can use to make maintaining an open source project more manageable.