PyData Seattle 2023

Notebooks as Serverless Functions
04-28, 14:15–15:00 (America/Los_Angeles), Rainier

Jupyter notebooks are a wonderful environment to write code for both beginners and experienced individuals. The hard part comes when you want to take your notebook and productionize it. That's where Jupyrest can help. Jupyrest is a tool that can turn Jupyter notebooks into HTTP functions. It's a serverless platform for Jupyter notebooks. Jupyrest empowers data scientists and notebook authors to deploy scalable and reliable web APIs without having to leave the comfort of their favorite notebook editor.

In this talk I'll demonstrate how to use the Jupyrest library for your existing and future notebooks. First, I will start with a basic example of how to turn a single notebook into a serverless function. Then, I will show how to do the same with a more complex, existing notebook. I will then go into the best practices of writing notebook functions in production. After that I will talk about the different ways to deploy Jupyrest for your own use cases. By the end of this talk you will know how to take your existing Jupyter notebooks and productionize them as serverless functions.

Prior Knowledge Expected

No previous knowledge expected

Hi! I'm Koushik, I am a site reliability engineer and I love Python, databases and boring on-call rotations. Outside of slurping up anything and everything related to Python, I like to go disc golfing and go hiking around the Pacific Northwest. I also love meeting people at Python conferences so don't be a stranger!