PyData Seattle 2023

Open Source meets Enterprise: The right way.
04-28, 11:00–11:45 (America/Los_Angeles), Kodiak Theatre

Have you ever wondered how Open Source projects are impacted as Enterprise companies
start being actively involved in maintenance? In this talk, we will go over the case of Dask and Coiled and share the results of this symbiotic relationship.

Open Source Projects have become more popular and trusted to the point that entire businesses rely on them and dedicate developers to contribute to them. Open source is effective, well-tested, and develops communities. However, they are understaffed and in many cases sustained at the expense of burned-out maintainers. Corporations can help with this, but introduce complications around ownership, governance, and priorities. How can open-source projects collaborate well with the enterprise world?

Dask is a library for parallel computing and is a good example of collaboration between the open-source community and the enterprise world, as most of its maintainers and contributors are employed by Coiled, NVIDIA, and Anaconda. We’ll explore this topic in more detail by going through a number of improvements to Dask that resulted in performance gains, stability, and better project visibility, highlighting where corporate engagement helped, where it proved challenging, and what lessons we learned along the way.

Prior Knowledge Expected

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Naty is an Open Source Software Engineer at Coiled, and a Dask maintainer. She frequently presents Dask tutorials online, as well as in local meetups such as Women Who Code and PyLadies. In her free time, she likes to play ultimate frisbee, go fly fishing, and play video games.